All the Basics About Dab Rigs That You Should Know

All the Basics About Dab Rigs That You Should Know

It's difficult to go a day without hearing about something linked to cannabis, especially, the movement toward legalization. Every day there is a creative method to take in your favorite strains. Also, there's always the discussion about the scientific advantages it contributes.


And when it comes to cannabis, concentrates are in the spotlight because of their popularity and ability to deliver powerful and energizing effects. Dabbing is one of the greatest ways to try to concentrate. You can try dabbing using a dab rig.


What’s a Dab Rig?


Using pipes and bongs is the most common way of smoking cannabis. But cannabis enthusiasts who want to level up their game are into smoking concentrate using a dab rig.


In contrast to bongs, dab rigs don't have a bowl, instead, a nail is put into the female stem of the device. Using a dab rig is the greatest way to obtain a powerful medical-grade THC hit.


What’s a Nail?


The nail is the tool you need to use to process the concentrate. You need to put a swirl or drop of the concentrate of your choice on the searing hot tip of the dab rig nail and inhale the smoke. A carb cap, which keeps extra vapor from escaping, is included with some nails.


You can choose from quartz nails, ceramic nails, titanium nails, or e-nails.


What’s a Banger?


A banger is a plate for vaporizing concentrates on a dab ring or bong. The majority of bangers are circular and constructed of quartz, though they come in a wide range of shapes and materials. Ceramic, titanium, and borosilicate glass are some less typical materials. The material of your banger affects the flavor of your hit.


How to Use a Dab Rig?


Here's a step-by-step on how to use a dab rig:


  1. Heat the nail to 340 and 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Drop the concentrate on the dab rig’s hot nail.

  3. Take a dab by placing your mouth on the inhaling piece of the dab rig and inhale.

  4. Clean the nail to ensure your dab rigs last.


Find Your Perfect Dab Rig


When dabbing was done properly, you can only taste the essential oils and active chemicals in the most potent concentrates, with no taste of coil, metal, or carbon. It's the reason why almost every cannabis enthusiast who uses a dab rig loves it.


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