Customizations in Smoke Pipes and Glass Bongs

Customizations in Smoke Pipes and Glass Bongs

Are you looking for bongs and smoking pipes that are specially made and can be designed by you? We have been in the market of glass blowing for years now, and we derive pleasure in making personalized glass pieces. Place an order for your awesome glass bong or smoking pipe with an inscription of your writing or symbol and imprint a part of your personality. 


Enable us to create a one-of-a-kind glass piece with an inscription that you prefer. You have the liberty to tag bongs with your name, favorite artists and players' names, birthday wishes, school name, name of your favorite weed strain, or other inscriptions. We can even place simple symbols that are used on our bongs and pipes (e.g.: flames, skulls, dogs, flowers, etc.) If you think your idea cannot be realized, share your designs with us before you place an order.  

Color and positioning of custom letters

Hot colored glass is used to inscribe the glass surface with letters. The letters can be made from one out of these four colors- black/red/blue/green. If you have a location for inscription in mind, please specify it beforehand. Unless specified, the inscriptions on a bong will be written from right to left on the free section of the glass tube above the base. Inscriptions are somewhat arched along the edges.

Easy and quick steps to personalize a glass bong/pipe.

  1. Select from our wide range of custom bongs/ personalized pipes.
  2. Open the product details and scroll down to the PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION entries.
  3. Select the font and color scheme and the number of letters correctly and write a message about the requested inscription. Don't forget to mention any special requirements related to location, font type, and the direction of the script.
  4. Click save and add to cart after confirming details. Please place your order by making payment for it.

The process of making a personalized bong takes up to a week; we recommend that you place your orders in advance. One letter cost about 3 dollars. Images put on the glass are priced by counting individually. We request you to email us a picture you like, and we will calculate the price for you.

Order beautiful bongs and pipes with unique designs and the best quality through puff21. 

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