Dab Rigs vs. Bongs - which is the right choice for you?

Dab Rigs vs. Bongs - which is the right choice for you?

Despite both being water pipes, the difference between bongs and dab rigs is crucial for an optimally heightened experience. Both bong enthusiasts and dab users recognise the clear winner at the ability and extent of the take-off!

Both of these instruments are similar in terms of their fundamental principle: Drawing smoke or vapor through water using suction mechanisms. However, applying the wrong method while doing so leads to drastically different results. Thus, to ease this decision-making process for you, Puff21 provides this dab rigs vs. bong guide.

Dedicated stoners would know that rigs and bongs both are incredibly effective at cooling hot hits. But, for some, these water pipes are cherished trophies. These devices appear to be extremely cool and sound even better. They are capable of hitting like a cold hammer with a continuously improving experience with every hit. 

Opting for the correct setup is extremely crucial when paying up for these premium works of glass. Therefore, this guide will help you choose between the two in light of their unique styles and distinct features; to know which one is the best.

Why do we use water pipes?

Apart from the satisfying sound that these water pipes have, these instruments are ingeniously designed to enhance the experience of the end-user. The creation of vacuum steam ensures that only the potent materials, including CBD, THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes, are channeled to the user. On the other hand, however, ash and weed debris are significant drawbacks of these water-based devices. 

By sifting the crud and preventing it from getting to our lungs, water pipes are really well-designed devices. However, these concoctions nevertheless stay within the instrument and affect the flavor and potency of the instrument. Thus, it is important to change the water regularly for a cleaner and longer experience. 

Are water pipes safer?

Vapor steams and smoke in these devices has an impact on the segregation of good stuff and on the condition of the pipe itself. While smoking may not be considered safe, a bong’s cleaning power of ash is commendable.

Moreover, since bongs and dabs release cool smoke, they are healthier than warm air inside the lungs. Despite these benefits, it is advisable to prevent the debris in these devices from touching the lungs, tongue, and mouth. For more information, you can check out our other blogs too!

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