Difference Between Funnel Bowls and Egyptian Hookah Bowls

Difference Between Funnel Bowls and Egyptian Hookah Bowls

There are four key criteria that set apart Egyptian Hookah bowls and Phunnel Bowls, hookah enthusiasts love them, but the differences below will truly set them apart.

Bowl Designs

Funnel Bowls contain one single shaft connected to the central part of the bowl. It can feature lips for HMDs and are wide enough to partner entirely with them. This central Spire keeps airflow constantly in movement around the bowl. The central Spire is lower than the rim of the hookah bowl.


Contrastingly, Egyptian bowls keep air flowing through hookah tobacco. There is a five-hole design below the bowl that helps in the baking of your shisha. You have to ensure that these holes are clear and free from stray leaves which might fall while packing. We recommend that you push the hookah tobacco away as you might clog the holes with leaves and their juices which pull downward with puffs. These bowls are incompatible with HMD and must be used with foil.  

Bowl Material

High-quality funnel bowls are hand-made with a mixture of thick white clay called stoneware that traps heat in and cooks your tobacco from all sides. They range in size but are made by following general dimensions on diameter and depth.

Traditional Egyptian bowls are mass-produced and lack quality control even though they are hand-made with red clay and have a charming character to them. The bowls conduct heat generally well and can be bought at a price quarter to that of funnel bowls.

Tobacco Types    

Egyptian bowls go well with traditional tobacco brands as they are drier than modern blends. phunnel bowls go with more juicy and sticky tobacco, which is used in modern brands.  

Hookah Bowl Smoke Quality

Egyptian bowls conduct heat in an amazing manner and burns through the tobacco directly. This produces excellent flavor and clouds. This might also create heat management issues when your session progresses as the glycerin produced in the bowls runs through tobacco leaves, burning them.

Phunnel bowls keep your tobacco cool by keeping all the juice focused in one place and using the walls for cooking the mixture. It takes more skill to burn through all the packed tobacco, and if you aren't packing your tobacco optimally, you might be left with unused tobacco at the end.

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