Different Types of Bongs Based on Shapes and Materials

Different Types of Bongs Based on Shapes and Materials

Honestly, it's not easy to choose bongs. It's the reason why our team from Puff 21 decided to make this article to help our readers to choose the perfect bong for them.


Let's take a look at this article created by our team of experts at Puff 21.


Different Types of Bongs Based on Materials


The material matters in choosing a bong, this is something that everyone should consider.


Here are the different types of bongs by materials to help you decide on what to buy.


  1. Glass Bongs


A glass bong is a traditional option. It's the most affordable option but high in quality, well, depending on your choice of design, of course. Glass bongs come in many shapes and sizes, and even the type of glass varies, providing a premium smoking experience.


  1. Ceramic Bongs


A ceramic bong is composed of ceramic material. They are old-school smoking devices. Did you know that they existed before glass bongs hit the market? The smoking experience is smooth with ceramic bongs. Ceramics may have a beautiful appearance, but they are incredibly delicate.


  1. Silicon Bongs


Silicon bongs are the trendy choice in the market. They are cheap and durable. Also, they are beginner-friendly. If you're concerned about silicon, most silicon bongs are safe, just like the ones you use in baking.


  1. Other Types of Bongs


There are acrylic bongs in the market. They are cheap, of course, but easy to break. They can't withstand high temperatures. Also, the flavor when using acrylic is terrible.


The other one is metal. They may look fashionable, but believe us when we say that metal bongs are huge mistakes. They will cause terrible taste and not so smooth smoking experience.


Different Bongs by Shape


Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and design styles. Here are the most common shapes.


Beaker Bongs


The most common shape of bongs. But the shape gives a smooth smoking experience and extra stability.


Gravity Bongs


Gravity bongs create a vacuum with the help of the water they contain, drawing the smoke up for inhalation. In other words, they utilize gravity to produce a powerful hit every time you take a puff.


Dab Rigs


Water pipes are designed exclusively for the usage of marijuana dabs and concentrates.


Mini Bongs


These water pipes are more compact than regular bongs. You might be able to fit a tiny bong in your pocket or bag. If you're fortunate enough to reside in a place where smoking is permitted, these are ideal for enjoying a fast puff while traveling.


These are some of the common shapes of bongs, though there are more.


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