Easy Step-by-Step on How to Make a Gravity Bong at Home

Easy Step-by-Step on How to Make a Gravity Bong at Home

Bongs can cost money. And for some cannabis enthusiasts, the bong is a must. Smoking weed is fun, but if you're on a tight budget, here's a great bong to save money, the gravity bong.


You can build a way to smoke marijuana that is almost entirely free and promotes recycling at the same time if you learn how to put together a gravity bong.


Although it's fun to create your gravity bongs, if you don't want to put in the time to make one yourself, you may also buy one from a store. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a gravity bong.




  • Larger plastic bottles or other large containers

  • Smaller plastic bottles that can fit into the larger plastic bottle

  • The bottle cap of the smaller bottle

  • Xacto knife or any other sharp knife

  • Aluminum foil




  1. Cut two empty plastic bottles first. Cut the smaller bottle's top by 2/3 and the larger bottle's top by 1/3. Keep the bigger bottle's bottom. And keep the smaller bottle's top part.

  2. Cut a pinky-sized hole on top of the smaller bottle's cap.

  3. Cut a tin foil, big enough to press into the pinky-sized hole to make a bowl.

  4. Poke holes in the foil.

  5. Fill the larger bottle half full with water, then place the smaller bottle in the large one with the cap out of the water. Keep the cap off for easy loading.

  6. You’ve got a new gravity bong you can smoke out of!


Making your gravity bong is very convenient and cheap. If you want to smoke weed in a bong but don't have one, make one.


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