Everything You Need to Know About Glass Ring Bongs

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Ring Bongs

Have you ever heard of a glass ring bong?


Well, this is the newest smoking accessory that's gathering such a cult following – not just across the United States of America but around the world as well.


A glass ring bong is a collection designed by various designers and is handblown exclusively by glass-blowers across Europe. It does sound fancy because it is.


What most people have to know is that every glass ring bong that you're going to get is unique, and it acts as a statement piece and gives you the smoking pleasure that you crave.


It's slowly gaining popularity around the country.


All glass ring bongs are made of thick glasses, and they have a sturdy composition as they can be pretty fragile. Not only that, but there's a glass-on-glass removable slider that comes with a bowl and is included when you purchase a set.


There's also a water bong variation equipped with an ice holder in the mouth tube. Some people prefer putting ice cubes in them while smoking as this can cool down the smoke that you're inhaling – this is highly recommended by seasoned smokers.


It doesn't end there, though, as most beautiful glass ring bongs are often personalized with an inscription of your choice. Just when you thought that this piece couldn't be more unique, right?


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