Glass Ring Bongs

Glass Ring Bongs

Glass Ring Bongs are the latest addition to our collection of brand-new bongs available at our online smoke shop. We have talented European artists who design our marvelous bong collection. These bongs are exclusively designed in our glassworks by our experienced glass blowers. Every bong is an exquisite piece of art designed to maximize your smoking pleasure. 

What Are They? 

Glass ring bongs are made of deep layers of thick glass and have a sturdy build. This makes for a perfect blend of smoke that is tasteless and clearly visible through a beautiful glass. The price is inclusive of a glass-on-glass removable slider with a single piece of the bowl.

You can now feel cooler smoke with ice cubes as water bongs are equipped with an ice holder in the mouth tube. Ice bongs could be a new addition to your collection, and their benefits can be felt by you in every hit. These glass ring bongs feel a perfect match for your lips and are designed for a soothing effect. 

Glass Bongs go through notable color changes when they are heavily silver/gold fumed. The changing color effect alters the color slightly due to temperature variations or different light conditions. These color combinations are dazzling and unique to every bong. The patterns formed are clearly mesmerizing and can improve the aesthetics and mood of your session.  

We have four mesmerizing pieces in our Ring Bong collection- 24K Gold Plated Glass Ring Bong and three clear glass pieces which are designed with flames in one out of these three colors- red, green, and blue. The flames are decorated and printed on the water chamber, mouthpiece, and bowl as well. 

These flames add a unique edge to the design and make your bong distinguishable from every other smoker's choice. These designs are not limited and can be designed in your unique customized style. You can personalize these bongs with an inscription of your choice.

Glass Bongs at Puff21

Our blowers can inscribe the bong with letters and images of your name or thoughtful messages. It can be a unique and personal gift for people close to you. You can express the mood or tone of your setting with just an amazing symbolic insight. You can design these inscriptions in consultation with us. 

Choose yours and become new owners of amazing and unique Glass ring bongs with a personal touch only at puff21. 

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