Grind Like a Pro: Top 5 Best Grinders in the United States of America

Grind Like a Pro: Top 5 Best Grinders in the United States of America

Are you tired of using a subpar grinder that produces unevenly ground herbs and a less-than-ideal smoking experience? Well, worry not, for this is where we come in at Puff 21.


Puff 21 is one of the leading online smoke shops around the country; we provide only the best products in the market to ensure that our clients get only high-quality and premium products. We have your best interest in mind and we want you to have the best smoking experience.


In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five best grinders that you can get in the United States of America. These will surely take your smoking game to the next level.


  1. Santa Cruz Shredder
    This company is based in California, and they have been producing high-quality grinders since 1999. Their grinders are made with medical-grade anodized aluminum, featuring a unique tooth design for a constant grind. This also comes with a lifetime warranty – how awesome is that?
  2. Space Case
    These products are made in the country using aircraft-grade aluminum – hence their name. Grinders from Space Case are made to last, featuring diamond-shaped teeth that provide a smooth grind. Plus, a strong magnet to keep the lid in place during use.
  3. Phoenician
    These grinders are made in Arizona and are renowned for their precision engineering. Their grinders feature a patented quick-lock system, a built-in paper holder, and a unique threadless design for easy cleaning.
  4. Kannastor
    Based in New Jersey, these grinders from Kannastor are designed with versatility in mind. Their grinders feature interchangeable parts, which allows you to switch between an herb grinder, a sifter, and a storage container with ease.
  5. Sharpstone
    Sharpstone’s grinders are made in California and they’re pretty known for their affordability without compromising on quality. Their grinders feature a clear top for easy viewing and smooth grinding action. It also comes with a pollen scraper and carrying pouch – that’s pretty cool if you ask us.

Now that you know the top five best grinders in the country, we believe that it’s time for you to upgrade your smoking game. So why don’t you shop online at Puff 21?


Puff 21 offers a large range of bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, glass pipes, and other smoking accessories that you can think of. We don’t only stick to grinders as we want to give what’s best for our clients around the country.


So what are you waiting for?


Shop now at Puff 21 and avail yourself of our products and offerings – we ship around the USA.

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