How Much Water Do You Put In A Bong?

How Much Water Do You Put In A Bong?

Have you recently purchased a bong but are confused about how much water to put in? Then Puff 21 can help you. Bongs come in various sizes and shapes, and all require different amounts of water for cleansing. Here's a simple guide to help you further. 


Purpose Of Water

Water plays a vital role while smoking a bong; thus, don't even think of replacing it with other drinks like beer or Mountain Dew. Water acts as a filter and traps bacteria and debris, which can easily go into your body while smoking a joint. Along with filtration, water also helps in cooling down the smoke making it easy on the lungs and throat of the user. 


How Much Water Should You Put In?

Your bong may be of a different shape and size than others, but one thing to remember while putting water in is that it should be enough to immerse the down stems and slits. If there aren't any slits, see that the downstem is a minimum of half an inch or three-fourth of an inch in the water. You can put in more water if the smoke still feels a little harsh. However, do not drown your piece in water and avoid spilling it out through any openings. 


How Much Water To Put In With Percolators 

The best way to take advantage of the percolators of your bong is to let them submerge into the water completely. Whether your bong is a single inline percolator or multi-chambered with six, always remember to submerge them fully. That's the best way to utilize them. 


Overwatering Your Bong

It is simple physics. Just fill your bong until the downstem, slits, and percolators are submerged. Do not add too much water, as it will make it difficult for you to drag the smoke towards your mouth. More water, the more the smoke has to travel through liquid, hence, more effort. 


Wrapping Up 

Understanding the working of a bong helps a lot while operating it. Maintaining the water level as suggested above will let you enjoy your stuff more and for a longer time. Follow the guidelines, and you can even avoid accidents. 


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