How to Choose the Perfect Bong for You Based on Size?

How to Choose the Perfect Bong for You Based on Size?

Smoking a bong offers many benefits to users, like filtering and cooling the smoke. Reducing the impurities you inhale. And help provide smooth hits.


Unlike joints and blunts, bongs require only water and marijuana to function.


No matter the size, using a bong will give a stronger and more intense hit. But a bigger bong is what you need if you want powerful hits.


But how can you choose the perfect bong for you?


For a beginner, choose a small bong.


You should purchase a smaller-sized bong if you've only recently started smoking and lack the tolerance for massive hits. However, since many still come with percolators and other nice extras, you won't be losing any of the benefits of a bong.


For intermediate, choose a medium-sized bong.


A thick borosilicate glass 8 inches beaker bong with an ice catcher for extra-cold hits is a good choice for your first medium bong. The ice catcher will entirely alter your smoking experience, but the beaker's design also permits a respectably sized hit for those smokers who prefer to take a mouthful.


For advanced users, large-sized bongs


These enormous bongs are certainly bigger than you anticipated. You'll have issues while transporting them.


Compared to the previous bong in this post, this kind of bong is only 10 inches tall. But it has a vast space. It will surely deliver a massive hit. You'll enjoy using this bong as the smoke cycles, and it produces strong and intense hits.


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