How To Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

How To Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

There is no denying the fact that keeping your dry herb vaporizer clean helps in increasing your overall smoking experience. Weed is expensive, and in order to make sure you smoke what you have got, it is an absolute necessity that you clean your vaporizer. 

However, many people are not able to clean their vaporizer properly even after watching videos or reading about it. Hence, we have curated a fail-proof, simple method to clean your dry herb vaporizer without fail. 

So, let's go!


  • Mouthpiece

  • The mouthpiece of your dry herb vaporizer is one of the most critical components. Over time it gets covered with oils and residuals that let down the smoking experience. To clean it, just soak the mouthpiece in a cup full of isopropyl alcohol for around 60 mins. This will help it eliminate all the particles and the sticky substances. Make sure to check the mouthpiece after you take it out of the alcohol to avoid leaving any particles. 

  • Chamber 

  • After a point of time, the chamber gets dirty with all the oil and residual substances generated while vaping. If you don't clean the chamber, then the vaporisation won't be as effective as you would like. It will lead to a deterioration in the overall efficiency of the vaporizer. You won't want that. 

    Well, to clean the chamber, just make sure that your get rid of all the particles (residual) every time you smoke. This will help it be clean all the time and not deter the smoking experience. 

  • Battery Chamber

  • Anything that leads to interference with the battery can reduce the life of your dry herb vaporizer. When you smoke regularly, then the debris might enter the battery chamber and can cause the battery to malfunction. We don't want that. 

    Removing the battery chamber and cleaning it with a cloth after each smoking session is an excellent way to ensure that your battery has a good life. 


    Every smoker out there wants a good smoking experience. An unclean vaporizer will decrease the fun associated with smoking and cause you health problems. Inhaling the debris is not good. So, it is always good to maintain hygiene while you smoke. For more information, visit Puff21.

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