How to Light Hookah Coals

How to Light Hookah Coals

Coal is the core heating element that helps in producing both cloud and flavor. If you are new to smoking hookah, here are different types of coals and how to light them.

Safety Warning: Charcoal lets off carbon monoxide, and we advise you to burn your coal outside. Always light your coal fully as partially burnt coal might release carbon monoxide.  

Types of Hookah Coal

Quick light coal and coconut coals are two main types. Quicklight burns fast due to accelerants added to the outer layer and can be lit with a lighter; it is quicker to use. You should ensure that it is fully blown and place it in the center of the bowl.

Whereas Coconut coals are now the industry standard, they are made from coconut shells and improve your hookah sessions. They take time to burn, but they last longer and produce minimal ash, and are very high in quality. They are tasteless in nature and give you a clean and flavorful smoking experience. They are just a few bucks costlier than quick light coals and are known for their longevity.

Lighting Coconut Coals:

People usually prefer electric burners with single-coil tops; they burn coal most efficiently. Whereas flat top burners do not provide enough oxygen to all of the coal, leaving the coal partially unburnt. These coils might need replacement in a year or so due to damage from all the heat. These coils cost as little as 10-20$.

You can even light them on gas tops with a mesh made of stainless steel, which gives them room to breathe. You can even use a grill, blowtorch, or a burner, but using some of them might be tedious, and you must ensure that the coal completely burns.

Coconut coal takes 8-12 minutes to burn and should be flipped when halfway lit. This coal glows in red/orange flame and becomes fully coated in a light layer of ash when lit.

Handling lit coals:

One should always be careful while handling lit coals as it might ruin your floor, couch, or belongings. Ideally, it would help if you put the bowl in which you are burning coal over your burner so that you don't commit an error while placing it.

If you have to move your coal, use a sturdy pair of hookah tongs or a coal carrier.  

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