How to Properly and Effectively Clean Your Dab Rigs at Home?

How to Properly and Effectively Clean Your Dab Rigs at Home?

For people who want to explore the more potent side of cannabis, a dab rig is essential. But there's a catch. You need to maintain a dab rig once you start using it.


Yes, with proper maintenance, we can clean it properly.


Cleaning a dab rig isn't as complex as it looks. You might have assumed that cleaning a dab rig is complicated because of its shape. Worry not though, for Puff 21 will guide you on how to clean your dab rig in this article.


How to Clean Your Dab Rig


Because your using cannabis with high potency, a build-up of oil is inevitable. It can clog your dab rig and lessen your experience. Here's how to clean it at home.


Cleaning with Water


  1. Bring water to a boil in a kettle.

  2. Let the water cool for a minute.

  3. Remove the unnecessary attachment from your rig.

  4. Add the water to your rig and shake it while covering the mouthpiece and where the nail goes.

  5. Dump the water out quickly from your piece.


It's important to note that hot water can crack low-quality glass. Ensure that you're using hot water for a high-quality glass dab rig.

Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol


You need to disassemble it to ensure proper cleaning.


For Rigs:


  1. Pour rubbing alcohol into the dab rig to cover the base

  2. Add salt to the rig

  3. Shake the rig (repeat as necessary)

  4. When the rig looks clean, rinse it with warm water

  5. Dry the rig off with a cloth


For Banger and Carb Cap (clean them separately):


  1. Place the banger or carb cap into a plastic bag

  2. Fill the bag with rubbing alcohol

  3. Add salt to the bag

  4. Zip the bag closed

  5. Shake the bag repeatedly

  6. Dry the banger or carb cap. Make sure it's completely dry before using it.


You can clean the other accessories by using a Q-tip dipped in alcohol or you can immerse it in alcohol.


Select the cleaning technique that best suits your needs, or test out a few to find which one works best for you. Cleaning your rig regularly is one of the greatest ways to guarantee effective and safe use.


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