How to Use a Blubber?

How to Use a Blubber?

The list of cannabis pipes and instruments is extremely long, and discerning between them can be tough, especially for beginners. This article takes an insight into bubblers, their working, and their unique features. 

What is a bubbler?

A bubbler is a water pipe made of glass (generally borosilicate) that applies water and a percolation system to cool smoke and filter for finer hits. Bubblers are made up of a single glass piece comprising the mouthpiece, stem, water chamber, and bowl.

Generally, bubblers have carbs that allow the user to regulate air flowing to the bowl and create a cinder that continues to stay lit, thereby reducing the need to use a lighter consistently. 

Despite somewhat similar features, bubblers are not the same as bongs. The variety in the colors, sizes, and shapes that bongs have to offer leads to the possibility of incorporating multiple glass pieces. However, bubblers are relatively smaller and are formed with a single glass piece. Bubblers could be considered a hybrid between a bong and a glass pipe. 

While bubblers can be found at any head shops and smoke stores, they can also be made at home.

The anatomy of a bubbler

Despite varying style options, most bubblers always feature a bowl, chamber, carb, and mouthpiece. Further, on a glass bubbler pipe, the bowl hosts a small stem made to hold some amount of water. 

Inhaling the mouthpiece makes the smoke in the bowl pass-through this stem. The smoke further cools and percolates in the water before reaching the mouthpiece, which then directly enters the lungs for a chilly and leveled hit. 

Why should you use a bubbler?

The advantages of using a bubbler are many. Every stoner is recommended to try smoking through a bubbler at least seldomly. The percolation system within a bubbler is lighter on the lungs.

Moreover, the bitter, dirty aftertaste is absent in a bubbler in comparison with any other smoking utensil without a water filter. The bubbler thus combines the ease of using a regular pipe with additional layers of filtration, comparable to a bong. 

The small, durable, and portable build of a bubbler makes it a viable option for travelers and smokers on the go. They can be easily thrown into a bag and used at will. The ease of using a bubbler also makes it a great option for beginners. 

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