How to Use an Herb Grinder Like a Pro for the Best Sessions

How to Use an Herb Grinder Like a Pro for the Best Sessions

Are you tired of having the manually break up your herb by hand every time you want to smoke? Well, maybe you’re fed up with using scissors to chop your herb into tiny pieces.


Worry not though because this is what an herb grinder is for – this tool is the perfect solution to all your smoking woes. Trust that we have your best interest in mind here at Puff 21.


Using an herb grinder is not only convenient but also improves the quality of your smoking experience. By breaking down the herb into smaller and more evenly sized pieces, you’ll get a more constant burn, which results in a smoother and more flavorful smoke.


To properly use an herb grinder, there are bits and pieces of information that you should know about. Don’t worry for we will tell you about this in this article.


First, you’ll need to take off the top lid and place your herb in the grinder’s chamber. Be sure not to overfill it, as this can lead to uneven grinding. Next, you have to put the lid back on and then rotate it in a back-and-forth motion until your herb is ground to your desired consistency.


Although it doesn’t end there.


Did you know that some herb grinders come with a kief catcher?


If you’re not sure what a “kief” is, then this is the potent and trichome-packed dust that falls off the herb during grinding. It’s perfect for sprinkling on top of your bowl or joint. You simply have to remove the bottom chamber of your grinder to access the kief catcher and voila.


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So what are you waiting for?


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