Packing a Hookah Bowl: How to Do it?

Packing a Hookah Bowl: How to Do it?

The importance of meticulous preparations for a shisha session is often unknown even to seasoned shisha admirers. The method used in packing the hookah impacts the quality and length of a session. 

Accordingly, filling the bowl must never be done in haste. To relish the smoking experience, Puff21 presents this simple but practical 4-step guide to packing a hookah bowl.

What you'll need

  • High-quality shisha tobacco (mu'assel) or tobacco (Heaven Leaf)
  • Knife
  • Chopping Board
  • Paper towel
  • Hookah Bowl
  • Fork

Step 1: Chop Shisha Leaves to a Uniform Size

Due to the diversity in shapes and sizes amongst shisha tobacco right out of the box, it is imperative to make a consistent mix for a consistent smoking experience by engaging in pre-pruning sessions.

The session involves, firstly, spreading out the tobacco leaves atop the chopping board. Further, a sharp knife must then be used to finely chop the leaves into uniform 1-2 cm strips in length. Shortcuts, including a grinder or scissors, must be avoided to prevent inconsistent or unsmokable cuts.

Step 2: Dry the Shisha Mix

Once satisfied with the cut, place the resultant mix on one-half of the paper towel. To soak up the excess molasses and glycerine out of the leaves, fold the other half over the first and continue pressing gently.

This will also help in the transfer of heat to the mixture while also preventing the formation of "hotspots." Too much of the pressing must nevertheless be avoided since dried-out leaves lead to a harsher session.

Step 3: Prepare the Shisha Mix

Spread the shisha mix on the board and flatten it out using a fork. Further, the leaves must then be separated. Any big chunks sticking together must be broken by tossing/rolling the mixture with a fork. 

Continued rolling shall flatten the mixture and make it fluffy and aerated. Any excess glycerine or molasses must be mopped from the chopping board. With all of this done, it's time to load up the hookah bowl.

Step 4: Pack the Hookah Bowl

Incorrectly packing the bowl makes it either impossible to smoke or heats it so much that the harsh experience is barely enjoyable. The bowl must thus, not be packed too tightly to allow proper air circulation and an even burn. The correct technique is to use the fork or fingers for filling.

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