Pros and Cons: Acrylic Bongs or Glass Bongs?

Pros and Cons: Acrylic Bongs or Glass Bongs?

Using a bong is one way to smoke cannabis or other herbs, and this is a method that has grown popular through the years – especially in the United States of America.


Here at puff21, we love a good bong, and we do sell countless bong products in our online shop.


However, the question still lies: should you choose acrylic or glass bongs?


Truthfully, there are a few pros and cons to both bongs, and this is something that we're going to be discussing throughout this article.


Aside from the fact that these two bongs are made from different materials, the quality of smoke that you're getting from each of them would vary. More often than not, the choice would go down to what you prefer.


So what are the pros and cons of acrylic bongs and glass bongs?


Acrylic Bongs




  • Most acrylic bongs are durable, and they're going to be such a great investment as they would win at "toughness" at any given moment.

  • Most acrylic bongs are light, and they can be transported to any place without fear that they will break or shatter.

  • Most acrylic bongs are less expensive as they're made from acrylic and not made out of glass, so this is an excellent option for beginners or first-timers.




  • Most acrylic bongs are just that – they're made of acrylic.

  • Most acrylic bongs are always harder to clean since they will stain no matter how many times you wash them.

  • Most acrylic bongs give off a quality of smoke that isn't that great, and these types of bongs are pretty known for being a bit hard on the smoker's throat.


Glass Bongs



  • Most glass bongs are really made of glass, and this is one of the best things about these types of bongs.

  • Most glass bongs don't absorb the taste or smell of the herb that you're smoking on them, and this is one of the reasons why most people prefer this.

  • Most glass bongs can be heavier than acrylic, making them harder to tip over.




  • Most glass bongs are more fragile than acrylic, making them a bit harder to transport from one place to another.

  • Most glass bongs are heavier, which could sometimes be a major downside.

  • Most glass bongs are more expensive than acrylic, so not many people could invest in this type of bong as they are pricier.


Before choosing the bong of your choice, look through this list of pros and cons by puff21. This can help you in determining whether you're going to need a glass bong or an acrylic bong – plus, this can also help you in getting a more enjoyable smoking experience.


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