Pros of Using a Bong: The Biggest Advantages Revealed

Pros of Using a Bong: The Biggest Advantages Revealed

There could be several ways to enjoy some good stuff apart from using a paper sesh. Of course, paper sesh is a suitable method, but we have come across some even more considerable advantages to using a bong. 

Advantages of using a bong are: 

  • After inhaling, smoking from a paper roll can sometimes feel a little harsh on your throat. A bong can reduce that sensation and give a more cooling effect and more filtered and smooth smoke. A bong has advanced filtration and cooling by percolators and ice catches or pinches. 

  • Bongs are also safer when it comes to passing around the contaminated joints or pipes. It contains water which traps the bacteria and reduces the chances of passing them to the next member while inhaling. In the case of a bong, these bacteria get filtered in the water instead of your lungs which happens while using a joint or a pipe. 

  • The best way to keep your bong clean and bacteria-free is by regularly changing the water inside. You can change them between every smoking session and clean deeply every week using Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol. 

  • A joint has a limitation on the number of hits you can take at a time. At the same time, a bong is available in various sizes, which enables you to take larger rips each time. The bigger the bong, the more prominent your rip will be. It gives you the benefit of filling the entire piece with smoke and lets you inhale continuously. 

  • Using a bong is also an excellent way to save your stash and money. Stuff rolled in paper burns continuously, and some of it is lost in the air when you are not inhaling it. It doesn't burn continuously in a bong, which means you can smoke at your own pace while saving on stash and money. 

  • Bongs are also great conversation starters. You can sit with your friends and show off your bong a little, talk about its features, and let them experience it while doing the same with others’ bongs. 

  • If you feel you have had enough for a while, a bong will also let you reignite it after some time; meanwhile, you can enjoy a good talk and relax with your mates. 

Wrapping it Up

Bongs are a lot more advantageous than other smoking apparatus. It is beneficial in several ways, some of which we already mentioned above. A good quality bong from Puff 21 is all you need to enjoy your stuff and have a good time with your friends. Visit our website and go through our classic collection of glass bongs and pick your favorite one now! 

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