Should You Go for Egyptian Bowls or Phunnel Bowls?

Should You Go for Egyptian Bowls or Phunnel Bowls?

When it comes to choosing the best bowls for your hookah, there are various options that you can go for. However, two of the most popular ones are the egyptian bowls and the phunnel bowls.


Now the question is this: should you go for an egyptian bowl or a phunnel bowl?


Depending on your preference, there may be pros and cons attached to both bowls.


Here at puff21, we aim to educate our clients and readers. This is why we're going to be discussing whether you should go for an egyptian bowl or a phunnel bowl in this article.


First thing's first, there are three things that you should take into consideration if you're deciding on which bowl to go for – these are the following:

The Design
When it comes to the design, both egyptian bowls and phunnel bowls have significant differences. Most phunnel bowls have one single shaft that's raised in the center of the bowl, and this allows a central point of airflow. Not to mention that phunnel bowls are more modern, and most smoke shops offer these types of bowls. On the other hand, egyptian bowls are more traditional, and they offer a five-hole pattern on the bottom of each bowl which allows a thorough baking of your shisha.

The Tobacco Type
When it comes to the type of tobacco you’re going to be smoking, egyptian bowls have great options for a more traditional smoking session. Not only do they have a better airflow through the bottom of each bowl, but they can give you one of the best sessions you can imagine. Although, phunnel bowls may be ideal for those who prefer more modern tobacco brands as these blends are juicer and not sticky. These blends are better for phunnel bowls because they won't stick.

The Material
Lastly, we should always check the material from which these bowls were made. Most egyptian bowls are handmaid with red clay, and they can vary in consistency due to the mass production in their field. There's also a belief that most egyptian bowls today lack quality control, which isn't something that most people would go for. On the other hand, phunnel bowls are more high quality as they can be made using a thick white clay mixture called stoneware. Most smokers prefer this material, which is why phunnel bowls have become more and more popular in recent years.


These three are simply some factors you'll have to consider before choosing a suitable hookah bowl. These are vital to ensure a pleasant smoking session for you and your loved ones.


So what are you waiting for?

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