Smoke in Style: The Best Bubbler Pipes on the Market

Smoke in Style: The Best Bubbler Pipes on the Market

Through the years, bubbler pipes have become a popular choice among smoking enthusiasts because they combine the convenience of handheld pipes with the water filtration of a bong.


If you’re in the market for a new bubbler, worry not for our team at Puff 21 knows the best.


It’s true that there are plenty of options out there, but we’ve rounded up five of the best ones to make your decision so much easier.


  1. Grav Labs Helix Bubbler


This bubbler is a fan favorite – for good reason too. Its unique design creates a swirling vortex of smoke as you inhale, which provides an extra smooth hit. Plus, its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go smoking.


  1. Empire Glassworks Under the Sea Bubbler


If you’re looking for a piece that’s as visually stunning as it is functional, this bubbler is for you. These pieces are handmade in California, and it features intricate glasswork depicting an underwater scene with colorful sea creatures.


  1. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler


This stylish bubbler is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and has a sleek minimalist design. It also features a built-in ash catcher to prevent clogs while ensuring a clean smoke every single time – it’s perfect, really.


  1. UPC Color Changing Bubbler


Are you looking for a bubbler that’s not only functional but also fun to use?

Well, the UPC Color Changing Bubbler is the one for you. It’s made from heat-sensitive glass, and it changes color as you smoke which provides a unique and entertaining experience.


  1. Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb Bubbler


This bubbler features a Swiss-style percolator and a honeycomb disc for extra filtration, which results in a smooth hit every single time. Its unique design also makes it a conversation starter – how awesome is that?


If you’re interested in purchasing any of these bubblers, or other ones in the market, we recommend reaching out to our team to see if we have them.


Otherwise, you can browse our shop for more products that you can take home.


Know that bubbler pipes are a great investment for any smoking enthusiast – whether you’re looking for something stylish or functional, there’s a bubbler out there for everyone.


So what are you waiting for?


Why don’t you shop now at Puff 21? After all, we have some of the best selections of dab rigs, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and other smoking accessories.


Puff 21 ships across the United States of America – shop now.

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