Tips For Choosing The Right Grinder

Tips For Choosing The Right Grinder

If you are a weed-lover, of course, you must be an expert at grinding. However, sitting down and removing those seeds each time you want a smoke is quite cumbersome, not to mention time-taking and irritating. Furthermore, you end up wasting quite a lot of those smoke-worthy herbs. Now, you don’t want that, right? That’s exactly why you need a grinder.

A grinder eliminates the hassle of removing the seeds from the buds by hand. Additionally, it does a far better job and avoids stuff wastage, thereby saving a lot of weed and time. Now, who doesn’t want that? And all the more if you are on a regular “bake-spree!”

So, how do you know which grinder is perfect for you? Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in this blog! 

How To Choose the Right Grinder?

As an avid stoner, it’s quite important for you to have a heavy-duty grinder. But, choosing one from the plethora of products available in the market can be quite tedious. Therefore, you must know where to look and what to look for while choosing a grinder.  

  • 2 Part or 4 Part Grinder

Grinders come in different parts - 2, 3, 4. Each come with their own sets of pros and cons. The 2 part grinder is the easiest to use. You just have to put your buds on top and grind. The below section of the 2-part grinder will have all your stuff ready for use. This is quite a good option for a beginner. 3 and 4 part grinders come with a kief catcher which is ideal for experienced and seasoned players of the game.

  • Material to Choose

Yes, even with a weed grinder, the material matters. Metals are the best as they come in unparalleled quality to provide the best grinding for your herbs. There is no complaint of wear and tear with metal grinders. Another type of material used for grinders is wood. Wood grinders come in intricate designs with beautifully carved lids. They are definitely a cynosure to the weary eyes. However, when it comes to performance they don’t match with their metal counterparts. Although they are aesthetically appealing, wood grinders can easily break. 

So, that’s about it folks—things you must consider while getting yourself a grinder. Alternatively, you can also visit the Puff21 online store for more details.

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