Tips for Rolling a Joint Professionally

Tips for Rolling a Joint Professionally

One of the best ways (though traditional) to enjoy one's favorite cannabis is to roll a joint. Therefore, every weed smoker ought to learn this skill. Here are simple tips to follow.

What Amount of Weed Should be in a Joint?

Start with half a gram of weed if you are not a pro. Also, use normal or 1 and 1/4 rolling paper when you start this journey. This is great for a star; also, most pre-rolled have more amounts. 

Step-wise Guide on Rolling your Joint

Before you learn how to roll your joint, have all the items you need to achieve this. These include:

  • Cannabis or CBD Strain
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch (filter tip)
  • Herb grinder
  • Optional rolling packer

Step 1: Grind the cannabis. This means breaking down the bud into smaller pieces. Use a grinder in this step.

Step 2: Create a joint crutch. Your crutch can be practically anything. However, thin business cards or cardboard are better. 

Step 3: Fill the joint with cannabis: Fill your paper with the shake and crutch. Once the paper has the desired amounts, start forming the shape with your hands.

Step 4: Pack the joint: Oncle loaded, roll with it. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll back and forth.

Step 5: Roll the joint. Be careful at this joint because it can make or break your joint. Tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll and then roll it up with the glued edge tucked down on one end of the paper.

Step 6: Finish/complete the joint: Pack the end of the joint to help you achieve an even burn. You can use several things for this last step, including a shoelace, a stick, and anything else that works.

In the end, there are numerous ways to roll a joint. All one needs is to be creative and ready to explore. 

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