Ways in which you can get the Most out of Grinder

Ways in which you can get the Most out of Grinder

We see you have recently bought a grinder to churn your stuff and get a good high ideally. But do you know some other tricks that can help you keep your grinder clean and use it even better? Well, we can help you with that. Follow these tips to get the most out of your grinder. 

Always Keep your Grinder Clean

The first step to enjoying some good stuff is to keep your grinder clean. Just like any other smoking apparatus, grinders need to be kept clean. All you need to clean your grinder is a soft cloth and a soft brush. Avoid using brushes with harsh bristles, rough cloth, or scrubbing pads. These can scratch the grinder and damage it, altering its results. 

If there are pieces of weed stuck within the teeth of your grinder, put it in the freezer for about an hour and use a soft brush to then remove them. Also, avoid soaking your grinder; instead, use a cloth soaked in alcohol or Q-tips to get rid of those stubborn pieces. Always rinse and dry your grinder completely before putting it back into the cabinet or reusing it. 

Do Not Force It

A perfect grinder works effortlessly and twists smoothly like butter. This is only possible if you take proper care of your grinder. If you are putting too much effort or forcing it, it means: 

  • The grinder is put together incorrectly 
  • The chamber might be blocked by something 
  • It might be overfilled 
  • It can even be damaged 

Do Not Overfill

You might be eager to churn your stuff at one go, but that doesn’t mean shoving in all at one go. It is always advised to take only how much fits into the grinder. Overfilling can result in improper churning. Putting in a specific quantity will reduce your efforts for grinding and give good quality stuff which burns equally. A perfect grinder will require about 10 turns to get the perfect stuff ready. 

Turn Your Grinder Upside Down

Want the finest ground weed? We’ve got you a trick. Turn your grinder upside down. Trust us, it is a proven trick to get the best quality of ground stuff. An upside-down grinder doesn’t allow the bud to fall at the bottom, giving extra - fine powder. After all, the finer, the better. 

Don’t Forget the Kief

Kief is filled with about 30% to 60% of THC, which helps you get every little bit of your stuff. People have different opinions when it comes to using up kief. Some prefer smoking it alone; some wish to turn it into a hash, while others like to add it to their coffee and other edibles. Hence, always utilize the kief!

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