What is a Bong

What is a Bong

A bong is used to smoke cannabis, herbs, and tobacco. It is believed that it is derived from a Thai word, Baung, which means cylindrical and wooden water pipe. 

Pieces that make a Bong

Regardless of the history around the bing, it was first brought to America by soldiers. This piece of vaping device consists of several pieces. These are:

  1. Tube or base: This is the straight and long part that defines the bong. This varies in size, and the base is filled with water.
  2. Downstem: This is a side tube that goes into the water. They are slotted at the base to encourage more bubbles.
  3. Carb: This is simply a hole at the base of the bong that creates clean airflow.
  4. Bowl: This is where the herbs are put
  5. Percolator: This is the filter that creates bubbles when smoke is drawn through the tube

Working Mechanism

The idea of the being is to cool the smoke being inhaled by allowing the smoke to pass through several chambers with ice or cool water. This leads to smoother and better smoke quality. The size variation of these devices doesn't matter as long as they deliver a pleasant smoking experience.

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