What’s Not to Love in Modular Bongs?

What’s Not to Love in Modular Bongs?

If you've tried a modular bong in your life, then you must have thought about owning one. However, people tend to have a lot of questions about the viability of these bongs and whether they are worth the money. 

Therefore, let us try to find out whether making your modular bong is a good choice and what the advantages are. 

What is a Modular Bong?

A modular bong is usually made up of 3 - 6 interchangeable parts. Most of the bongs cannot be dismantled. Nevertheless, a modular bong allows you such flexibility, and one can play around with the parts of a bong. 

What are the Reasons for Owning a Modular Bong?

  • Portable: If you have traveled with your traditional bong, it is apparent that it tends to be a little risky. The fixed design bongs are difficult to handle and are tough to transport. With a modular bong, you will be able to bring your bong to places where you used to be hesitant. 
  • Maintenance: Cleaning your bong is a practice that helps the efficiency of each puff. It keeps the kit clean and hygienic. While cleaning a modular bong, you will realize that cleaning it is pretty easy when compared to a normal bong. 
  • Viable: In the event that your customized bong breaks or any of its parts break, the whole bong is rendered unusable. However, this is not the case with your modular bong. Even if a part of your modular bong breaks, a replacement part for the same can be ordered. 
  • Getting on with the flow: With your customized bong, there is only one way to smoke it. A traditional bong is designed to be used in a set manner. If you're someone who dislikes repetition, then a modular bong might be your way. 
  • Aesthetics: This is perhaps the most important part of the advantages. The modular bong looks appealing. We understand that a custom bong also looks good, but the way you set up a modular bong is amazing. 

Modular Bongs: Is it worth it?

Modular bongs represent the epitome of paraphernalia for cannabis enthusiasts. It also offers you several advantages over your custom or traditional bong. In reality, it is recommended that you get a modular bong before buying a customized one. 

So, are you intrigued by modular bongs? Keep reading puff21 to find out more. 

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