What Styles and Designs Do Hookah Pipes Come In?

What Styles and Designs Do Hookah Pipes Come In?

In Australia, you can find Hookah pipes in a variety of styles, whose designs are inspired from all over the world. Hookah pipes are now manufactured all over the world, with even the traditional countries like Turkey manufacturing modern as well as traditional shishas.

Egyptian style hookahs like the popular Khalil Maamoon, long-established and modern Turkish brands like the Sultan Nargile, and Legend Hookah are the most popular shisha pipes in Australia.

Khalil Mamoon

The Khalil Maamoon hookahs are a true representation of the traditional Egyptian Hookahs. Crafted by hand in the ancient capital of Egypt, Cairo, Khalil Maamoon hookahs feature beautiful hand-painted glass bases and decorative stems. You don't have to worry about accessorising your new shisha kit already fully kitted with all essentials and fittings. Buy Khalil Maamoon hookah pipes online.

Sultan Nargile

Sultan Nargile, the Turkish hookah brand, presents the best of both traditional and modern. They bring contemporary manufacturing styles to standard shisha pipes. Sultan Nargile even offers a travel shisha kit for when you have to take your hookah to a mate's place. Buy Sultan Nargile hookah pipes online.

Legend Hookah

Legend Hookah offers some of the most futuristic and novel shisha pipe designs that you can find. Legend Hookahs, with their stainless steel and glass components, make pristine shisha kits for those looking for something different. Buy Legend Hookah shisha pipes online.

Aventus Hookah

Aventus hookah, a German shisha pipe brand, produces some of the most beautiful modern designs while combining large glass bases with exclusively stainless steel components offering a stellar smoking experience. Aventus Hookah has a shisha kit on offer that was made to fit inside a car drink holder to smoke shisha on the move. Buy Aventus Hookah shisha pipes online.

Amy Deluxe

Also originating in Germany, Amy Deluxe sells modern as well as traditional style hookah pipes, having colored glass bases, aluminum and stainless steel components, silicone hoses, and bowls equipped with heat management systems. Buy Amy Deluxe hookah pipes online.

Unique shisha kits

Shisha Works have a plethora of unique hookah designs to choose from. The Sienna shisha kit is inspired by Russian-style Alpha S, with decorative anodised aluminum components. The Carbon Click shisha kit features a carbon fibre variant of the Polish Wookah hookah brand. The cool ripple effects on the vase are sure to give you a splendid experience.

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