Which Dab Rig is Better? Big or Mini? 

With an improvement in the quality of cannabis concentrates, dabbing is becoming the new trend. Users are switching to dab rigs than other mediums of smoking cannabis. Thus, this brings us to a question: which dab rig is better? Large or mini? 

Well, both are great in their ways, but the mini dab rig surpasses the larger one on several fronts. You can know more about the same in this blog below. 

How is Mini Dab Rig Better than Larger Rig? 

Choosing between a mini dab rig and a larger dab rig is a matter of personal preference and requirements. However, today we will highlight the reasons why many users prefer mini rigs over large ones. 

1. It is portable 

One of the primary advantages of mini dab rigs is their size. Their compact size and lightweight make them ideal to be carried along. It is a great choice for users who are always on the move and need their dab rig by their side. It is also a great way to smoke discreetly. 

2. It heats quickly and is more efficient 

Mini dab rigs usually have smaller chambers that can be heated quickly. The reduced volume requires less time and energy to reach the desired temperature. This allows you to enjoy your concentrates more efficiently. If swift and straightforward dabbing is your desire, then mini rigs are an ideal choice. 

3. Easy to clean and maintain 

With fewer parts and smaller chambers, mini dab rigs are easier to clean and maintain. The simplified design allows for a hassle-free cleaning process. You can save a lot of time and effort on cleaning a mini dab rig. 

4. It is cost-effective 

In most cases, mini dab rigs are more budget-friendly as compared to their larger counterparts. Thus, if you are conscious of your budget or simply seeking a cost-effective option, a mini dab rig is a great choice for you. 

5. It offers a good intensity of flavors 

Many users of a mini dab rig claim that the compact size of the rig offers more intense flavors. The reduced chamber volume and decreased air space allow for concentrated vapor and stronger hits. Hence, if intense flavor is an important criterion for you, then mini dab rigs are worth trying. 

Though mini dab rigs are great, larger rigs are also no less. They have their benefits. You may try both these rigs to get a better idea. Thus, visit Puff 21 to get the best quality dab rigs. You can also explore a wide variety of bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers, and more on our online store. Contact us now to know more! 

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