Which is Better Between Glass Bongs vs. Acrylic Bong?

Most people would agree that bongs are the best way to consume cannabis. The water filters out a large number of impurities, and you get a nice hit from consuming a hefty portion of weed. 

However, people tend to disagree as to which material makes the perfect material for making a bong. Bongs are made out of two materials typically: glass and acrylic. This debate is based on several factors: durability, price, and quality. However, we would like to go to the heart of this debate and answer this question once and for all. 

Pros of Glass Bongs

  • Shapes: The glass bong is flexible, and you can get the same in a variety of shapes. The glass can be molded into different forms, and you can get the shape that you want to take. 
  • Absorption: It does not matter how often you use your glass bong. It will not give out a foul smell. If it does smell, it means the bong is not properly cleaned. 
  • Heavier: A glass bong does not tip over. The glass bong is heavier than an acrylic one and offers more stability. 

Cons of Glass Bongs

  • Fragile: Glass bongs are prone to breakage. There are bongs out there made out of borosilicate glass, which offer more resistance. 
  • Expensive: A glass bong can be out of the budget for some people. Since it is made out of real materials, the price tends to be higher. 

Pros of Acrylic Bongs

  • Durable: These bongs will not break upon impact. They are considered close to indestructible. 
  • Light: If you're someone who wishes to carry his bong on his travels, then an acrylic bong looks like the best bet. It is made out of a lighter material and will last you long. 
  • Affordable: This point is beyond debate. Since an acrylic bong is made out of synthetic material, it is reasonable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Cons of Acrylic Bong

  • Cleaning: Cleaning an acrylic bong can prove to be a nightmare. The resin tends to stick and is difficult to get out. 
  • Smoke quality: Even after water filtration, the quality of smoke in an acrylic bong is lesser. 


Anyone can make an argument for both of these products. However, puff21 would recommend a glass bong fashioned out of borosilicate glass for the best experience. 

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