Which Shisha Tobacco Flavor Defines you the Best?

Which Shisha Tobacco Flavor Defines you the Best?

Shisha has witnessed an exponentially growing popularity in recent times. Shisha users span from devoted individuals to occasional recreational users who seek discovery. The globally prevalent usage of Shisha is evidence of the dilution of the middle and near-east domination. 

The search for shisha tobacco flavors is one of the most attractive and fun elements to appreciate the endless possibilities when exploring this tool. The infinite possibilities give rise to the rhetoric: can the choice of shisha tobacco flavor reveal anything about the person themself? 

Puff21 believes the answer to the question is in the affirmative and has curated some personality types corresponding to different flavors. These categories are only hypothetically indicative of fun and recognise the united passion for Shisha across all categories. 

The Overachiever - Espresso

Those preferring the espresso flavor can be assumed to hit the gym at 4:00 a.m. and be home in time for a great meal while also ensuring they are capable of working throughout the entire day.

They are an avid LinkedIn user with perhaps 17,193 connections, the positions and names of which are known by heart. Big brands like Coca-Cola approach them for collaborations and sponsorships on Instagram.

The Beatnik - Anise Apple

Liking the anise apple transcends one into a vague European with extravagant sunglasses worn in the darkest of shisha lounges. 

Everyone prefers smoking shisha with them, as they prefer reciting poetry or engaging in drumming over dragging smokes from their pipe; thus, others always end up getting more smoke for themselves.

In the absence of this compensation, people would generally avoid anise lovers for their frustrating practice of using redundant French phrases in speech. 

The Emo - Peanut Butter

Those preferring peanut butter do not in fact even like it. But the ironically sad nostalgia of childhood memories from this is a source of happiness. They are also less likely to interact with people due to a worrying cat obsession and unfeasibly tight jeans. 

The Nanna-Rose

Age-defying maturity is a characteristic in those favoring rose. They relish their Shisha with a hot glass of milk and embrace the warmth by covering their legs with a thick blanket. The obsession with roses and application of rose-water scented perfumes are a cause for their avoidance by people.

The aforementioned categories are only indicative of a non-exhaustive list of the people integrated within the Puff21 family.

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