Wish To Roll A Joint Like A Pro?  Follow These Steps

Wish To Roll A Joint Like A Pro? Follow These Steps

Using a joint is the most traditional way to smoke weed. It is recommended that everyone who smokes weed should know how to roll a joint, but, it's alright if you don’t know it or have just begun smoking weed. We can help you with that. 

Here's a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to roll a joint like a pro. 

How Much Weed Do You Need?

As a beginner, we would suggest you take about ½ gram of weed and a normal 1 ¼ size rolling paper. This is the perfect amount to make a personal joint. Try using smaller amounts of weed than the total capacity of the rolling paper. That will make it easier for you to handle and roll a joint. 

Once you have got a good grip over it, you can move on to using King size rolling papers. 

Step-Wise Guide 

Let us begin the process by grabbing the essentials

  • Cannabis or weed
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch or filter tip
  • Herb grinder
  • Rolling packer 

Once you have gathered all these, you can begin by following these steps: 

Step-1: Grinding the cannabis or weed 

Take the amount of weed you wish to smoke and place it in the herb grinder. Grind the weed into a fine powder. 

Step-2: Make a joint crutch 

A crutch is a tip or the filter of the joint. You can use thin cardboard to make a crutch. However, several rolling paper kits already have crutch materials included within. 

Begin this process by folding the crutch material into an “accordion” and rolling it to the desired thickness of the joint you wish to have. 

Step-3: Load the paper

Once you have placed the crutch at one end of the rolling paper, add that ½ gram of ground weed to the paper. 

Step-4: Packing the joint

After adding the perfectly ground weed to the rolling paper, you can now pack it into a cone. Pinch the paper using your fingertips and roll it back and forth. This way the weed inside will be packed thoroughly and you can begin rolling your joint. 

Step-5: Rolling the joint

This is the most essential part of the process which will decide the quality of your joint. After packing the joint, tuck the unglued side of the rolling paper under the stuff and begin to make a roll. 

Step-6: Finish the joint

Pack the end of the joint using a pen. You can seal it thoroughly by twisting the open end. Your joint is now ready to be enjoyed. 

Rolling a joint is one of the popular ways of smoking weed but you can always explore other ways such as using a bong. Puff 21 can provide you with all the necessary smoking equipment. Visit our online store today and get your favorite smoking device. 
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