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510 Cart Battery Lit

510 Cart Battery Lit

Description Finally, it’s here! Our latest 510 vape cart and vape pen battery, the “Lit”, is here! Get ready for a great quality feeling every time you pick it up....

Cart Battery Vape
A 510 thread cart battery is a vape device you attach to an oil cartridge. For our Editor Picks and Highest Rated cart batteries – Explore our Best 510 Cartridge Vape Battery shortlist!

What Is A 510 Thread Cart Battery?
510 thread batteries feature a universal-fit 510 thread, which fits most vape cartridges on the market. The 510 battery features a female thread. 510 thread literally means ten threads at 0.5mm per thread, with a 7mm diameter. If you were to create a 510 thread yourself, you would use an M7 x 0.5 tap.

510 thread batteries are either buttonless draw-activated (fires when you inhale), or button activated.