Dome Wrecker Liquid Diamond THCA + THCP 5 Gram Disposable

by puff21

The Dome Wrecker Liquid Diamond THCA + THCP 5 gram Disposable vape is mysteriously powerful with every puff, talk about trippy. This innovative product combines the strongest compounds from hemp-derived cannabis that gives you the best high. Proudly made in the United States, you can trust the quality is there. 

The Dome Wrecker blends top tier liquid diamond THCA and enhances the effects with THCP, which research shows is stronger than regular THC. This unique combination promises a powerful body high, deep relaxation, and anxiety relief in one pen, making it so potent you might pass out. 

As for flavor, the Dome Wrecker's tasty terpenes provide a satisfying experience in every puff. It's the first product to feature Ice terpenes, making it a standout in the THCA disposable vape market.

Flavors + Strains: 

  • Jet Fuel - Sativa
  • Amnesia Haze - Hybrid 
  • Hulkberry Ice - Sativa
  • Watermelon Runts Ice - Hybrid
  • Illuminati OG - Indica
  • Bubblegum OG Ice - Indica

All Third Party Tested - Lab Report

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