Mike Tyson 2.0 Disposable 3G

by puff21

Only one thing hits harder than Iron Mike, the Tyson 2.0 Disposables. These 3 gram vapes are infused with potent THCP, THC-B, HHCP, THC-H mixed with a delta 8 base. THCP is rated three times stronger than regular THC, making these the champs in hemp derived products on the market. Each puff packs a punch, perfect for those seeking a high like no other.

The best part about the Mike Tyson 2.0 disposables is the unique choice of extraction methods: Live Resin which is the warrior blend, Live Rosin known as golden nugs blend, or Live Diamonds which is the knockout mix! The live resin and live rosin provide smokers with more of an enhanced flavor, while the live diamonds offer more potency. Diamond wax is an uppercut compared to a resin jab. In the ring, you want the best in your corner, and this device is the champ coming straight from the United States. Third-party tested for quality and compliance with the law. With nine different strains to pick from, enjoy a truly pure, powerful, and tasty pen. 

The design of the device is user friendly with a pre heat function ensuring the ceramic coil is heated to a perfect temperature. No need to click a button for a puff, all draw activated. Plus a type C port for quick charging!


  • Strawberry Knockout (Live Resin, Indica)

  • Orange Hook (Live Resin, Sativa)

  • Apple Smash (Live Resin, Hybrid)

  • Papaya (Live Diamonds, Sativa)

  • Sour Tangie (Live Diamonds, Indica)

  • Strawnana (Live Diamonds, Hybrid)

  • Space Pigeon (Live Rosin, Indica)

  • Pink RNTZ (Live Rosin, Sativa)

  • GMO Cake (Live Rosin, Hybrid)

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