HiXotic Dome Wrecker Gummies 11000mg 21ct

by puff21

Take a look at Dome Wrecker gummies by HiXotic if you enjoy edibles. Each piece is infused with approximately 550 mg of a potent THC-A, THC-P, and Delta 9 mix, totaling 11,000 mg across 21 gummies in a resealable pouch. When we say these are extremely strong, we are not kidding, one will have you high as a plane. 

The potent blend of Delta 9, the strongest component in cannabis, plus THC-A and THC-P, the two strongest chemicals found in THC, makes HiXotic's Dome Wrecker the best. Plus THCP is rated three times stronger than regular cannabis. The effects will start out strong and get stronger with time. These gummies give plenty of potency if that is what you are searching for.

To gauge your tolerance, we advise half a gummy to begin with. Take a whole one if you are ready for something a little more extreme. Fear not, each gummy is about to pop. Three amazing flavors to enjoy. 

Dome Wrecker Flavors: 

  • Cherry Limeade: You'll adore this classic summer flavor, it is delightfully tangy and sweet.

  • Sour Blue Razz: Enjoy this sour sweet treat that is perfectly sour with a burst of blue raspberry.

  • Rainbow Domes: How would one imagine a rainbow to taste? Discover in this delicious flavor.

All made in the United States and third party tested! If you are more of a smoker, check out their 5G disposable vape with the same blend. 


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