Modus Presidential Blend Gummies 5000mg (20ct)

by puff21

Medusa now known as Modus, will surely get you stoned with their strongest edibles yet! The presidential blend gummies which are 5000 mg per resealable pouch with 20 delicious pieces to enjoy. Each gummy is infused with 250 mg of potent THCA liquid diamonds, delta 8 and THCV. Medusa takes pride in getting you as high as possible. 

The Modus presidential blend 5000 mg gummies are fast acting due to the nano formula. The incorporation of NANO technology in this product enhances the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, facilitating more efficient absorption and resulting in consistent effects for a stronger effect. These are potent, fast acting and bursting with flavor! We recommend starting with ½ of a gummy to gauge your tolerance. If you are looking for a heavy hit, try a full piece.  


  • Baja Blast (Sativa) 

  • Carribean Punch (Hybrid) 

  • Cherry Cola (Indica)

  • Peach Freeze (Indica) 

  • Strawberry Lemonade (Hybrid) 

  • Tropical Bliss (Sativa) 

  • Watermelon Breeze (Hybrid)

If you do not like delta 8, Modus also made the Maxed Out Delta 9 gummies which are 1000mg! This brand does not fail to get you the relaxing high that we all love and crave.  


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