URB Incredibles Gummies 1500MG

by puff21

Experience the new mesmerizing URB Incredibles gummies, boasting 1500 mg per pack. These edibles are sure to make you feel incredible, with 30 gummies in each pack for sharing or extended enjoyment. Each gummy contains 50 mg, perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Whether you're looking to unwind or have a good time, URB has you covered with four distinct flavors, each with a unique blend.

Try the Snoozzzeberry, a blend of Delta 9, Delta 8, CBN, and THC-P, for an incredibly soothing experience. If you're seeking a social boost, give Tangahhhrine a go – a blend of D9, D8, THCB, and THCV. Sour Blue Razzberry, a powerful sativa, contains D9, D8, CBG, CBC, and THCP. For a more relaxing nighttime experience, try Strawberry Lemahhhade, with the same mix as Sour Blue Razzberry but with THCH.

The URB incredible edibles stand out for their inclusion of Delta 9, the strongest compound from hemp-derived cannabis and regular THC. These potent edibles are so powerful that they come with a warning on every package.

Product features: 

  • 1500 MG PER PACK


  • 30 COUNT 



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