HiXotic Dome Wrecker THCA Liquid Diamond + THCP 3.5G Disposable

by puff21

The unmatched satisfaction with the Dome Wrecker THCA Liquid Diamonds + THCP disposable by HiXotic is like no other. This high quality device delivers a robust 3.5 grams of premium hemp-derived concentrate, proudly made in the United States. Each puff is designed to have you high as a kite. This brand has truly mastered their cannabis products. 

The best part about Dome Wrecker is its expert blend of THCA and THCP, two of the most potent compounds known for their intense effects. Together, they deliver a powerful and sustained high that distinguishes Dome Wrecker from traditional THC products. Research confirms that THCP boasts a potency three times greater than standard THC. When we say potent, we mean it with this product. They make the same blend vape in a 5G device also, can check that out on our website as well. 

Designed so user-friendly with features that include a straightforward 5-click activation for on/off control, a 2-click preheat function, and a USB Type-C rechargeable battery for faster charging. Now if smoking is really not your thing, they decide to release a edible line, 500mg a piece only comes in 1 count packs. All their products are Third party tested for quality and compliance with the law.

Flavor enthusiasts will appreciate Dome Wrecker's unique terpene profiles, including their exclusive Ice strains. Unlike typical menthol based options, HiXotic’s Ice strains feature natural terpenes for a refreshing, cool exhale. This disposable vape is the first to feature 100% natural terpenes, no additives, just pure, and authentic flavor.

Flavors + Strains: 

  • Jet Fuel - Sativa
  • Amnesia Haze - Hybrid 
  • Hulkberry Ice - Sativa
  • Watermelon Runts Ice - Hybrid
  • Illuminati OG - Indica
  • Bubblegum OG Ice - Indica


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