HiXotic Dome Wrecker THCA + THCP + Delta 9 500MG 1ct Gummy

by puff21

The enigmatic Dome Wrecker by Hixotic has just unveiled a stunning addition to their edibles collection, ready to send you flying! Each pouch contains a single vegan gummy infused with 500mg of highly potent THCA and THCP, set in a delta 9 base proudly made in the United States. When we say potent, we mean it, THCP is rated three times stronger than regular THC. Hixotic primary mission? To get you as stoned as possible!

What sets the Dome Wrecker 500mg gummy apart is its relentless climb to new heights. Unlike regular THC edibles, there's no crash. Instead, the effects intensify over time. Due to their extreme potency, we recommend starting with just ¼ of a piece and waiting 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. If you're looking for an enhanced experience, go ahead and eat a whole gummy.

The Dome Wrecker edibles are soft, chewy, and bursting with flavors that will leave you drooling for more. Available in three mouthwatering flavors, again each pack contains a single piece. Experience the nostalgic taste of summertime with Cherry Limeade, reminiscent of everyone's favorite Sonic drink. Rest assured, all this brand’s products are third-party tested for quality and compliance with all laws.


  • Cherry Limeade 
  • Sour Blue Razz
  • Rainbow Domes

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