Lost Mary Turbo MT15000 Disposable 5 New Flavors

by puff21

The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo disposable vape has certainly upped the ante with its impressive features never seen on the market and amazing flavors that are simply delicious. With a remarkable 15,000 puff count and two smoking modes, users can choose between a Smooth mode for extended use or a Turbo mode for enhanced flavor and cloud production by 200%! The dual coil design provides a stronger buzz in Turbo mode, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more intense hit. This is made for the heavy hitters.

The MT15000 boasts a 16 mL capacity of 5% premium salt nicotine e-liquid, keeping aroma consistent. Under the hood, is a powerful 600 mAh rechargeable Type-C battery allowing the vape to go for longer periods and quick charging. The smart LED display keeps users informed about e-liquid and battery levels, the device is finished once the juice is at 0%. 

The new flavors introduced by Lost Mary are nothing short of amazing. Peach + offers a sweet and succulent taste of juicy, ripe peaches, while Blue Razz Dragonfruit combines the sweetness of blue raspberries with the exotic allure of dragon fruit. Grape Apple delivers a refreshing blend of crisp apples and rich grapes, while Grapefruit Berries presents a zesty mix of tart grapefruit and sweet berries. The Rocket Popsicle flavor is a nostalgic treat, reminiscent of the classic red, white, and blue frozen treat. Perfect for the summertime. 

For a full list of Lost Mary MT15000 flavors and more information, visit our website.

New 5 Flavors:

  • Peach+

  • Grapefruit Berries

  • Rocket Popsicle

  • Blue Razz Dragonfruit

  • Grape Apple

Product Features:

  • 16 mL 

  • 5% Salt Nic

  • 15000 Puffs

  • Smart LED Display

  • 600 mAh Type C battery


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