Mad Honey

What is Mad Honey?

You may wondering, what is "Mad honey" even Joe Rogan is talking about it, it is an amazing honey made by bees who feed on the nectar of rhododendron flowers, on the dangerous cliff edges of Nepal. These distinct flowers possess grayanotoxins, offering an unparalleled sensory experience that stimulates creativity and focus. The honey has a slight bitter flavor and an red hue, which makes it also known as "Red Honey". Only found in Turkey or Nepal.


If you're curious and prepared to begin this taste adventure, what we suggest for the first time? Begin with something simple. Start by taking just a single sachet or scoop of honey and wait for approximately half an hour to let the effects subtle in. Starting slow, lets you feel out how much you can take, some honeys are more potent! But if you are looking for a deeper experience? Feel free to treat yourself a little extra.

100% Natural and 100% Lawful

I understand your thoughts right now, "Is mad honey legal?" Definitely. Be confident that our Mad Honey is completely natural and completely legal in the US, It's already being sold all over the country including retailers. Mad Honey is the new and pack a hallucinogenic punch, we tried it, none of our crew got the stomach feeling! 

Enjoy many flavors in the honey like vanilla, sweet and blueberry.

Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL
Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL

Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL


Treat yourself to a unique honey adventure with Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL pack. Coming from Nepal, all natural psychedelic honey also known...

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