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Piece Water - Bong Cleaner

Piece Water - Bong Cleaner

About this Product Cleaning your bong sucks, but what if you didn't have to in the first place?Before, that was just a wild fantasy. But now, thanks to Piece Water,...
Piece Water - Bong Water Replacement | Cleanings. Piece Water is as simple as pouring it into your water pipe, just like regular water. The magic lies in Piece Water’s proprietary blend of natural liquids & minerals. According to its makers, Piece Water is 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe for human consumption.
This special liquid blend does a few things. First, it makes regularly cleaning your water pipe a thing of the past. Piece Water keeps your water pipe clean, so you don’t have to. It prevents resin from accumulating within your water pipe and is usually useable for over a month. If you’re experienced with water pipes, you know that pipe water often becomes gross in just a few days.