50mm Rainbow Caved Top Tsunami Dry Herb Grinder

by puff21

The multi-colored 50mm Rainbow dry herb grinder will take your herb grinding to the next level with its efficiency and beautiful appearance. You'll certainly enjoy carrying it around and even feel proud showing it off to others in your group sessions.


  • The sunken top resembles a bowl

  • Small and portable

  • 28 razor-sharp blades

  • Premium piece

  • High quality


The colorful Rainbow 50mm herb grinder does not disappoint. It combines both aesthetic value and functionality. Thanks to its small portable size, your herbs will be efficiently ground on the move. This, combined with a water pipe of your choice, guarantees you a great time. Going with the rainbow grinder is great if you want to be conspicuous and easy to spot. However, it is a statement on its own and can be great if you are out to impress.

Moreover, you can always put it away if you need to. This grinder works perfectly. Its top grinding layer supports and enhances grinding, allowing the herbs to drop to the lower chamber faster. The quality is uncompromised with its 28 razor-sharp blades quickly shredding through the herbs. It also offers a magnetic lid that helps to enhance efficiency. You also have the storage option once the herbs reach the lower chamber, where they can be stored until needed.

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