26'' Clear Amber Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc Wp

by puff21

This amber showerhead perc is one you need o own if your goal is to achieve excellent smooth hits every time. It's perfect for elevated highs.


  • Excellent for smoking dry herbs

  • Vortex tunnel

  • Bowl size: 14mm male

  • Multiple diferent percolators

  • Smooth, tasty hit


This Amber: WP-10050 water pipe is as good as it sounds. Standing at an impressive 26'' tall, you should expect nothing but the best hits. The unique design is behind its excellent performance. This is what you grab every time you want to elevate your high. The multiple percolators it comes with allow you to observe as the smoke swirls from one chamber to the next, as it bubbles while you inhale. One thing you'll love is its filtration technique since it delivers consistent, cool, and calm hits. Those who love to pull up a show will enjoy the rising smoke. As if that's not enough, you also get to the cooler temperatures by adding ice cubes to special notches in the premium glass tube. For aesthetics, you'll not be disappointed since this water pipe is both sleek and smooth, perfect for when you want to impress a crowd.

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