8 ''Amber Tsunami Glass concentrate Rig with Inline Diffuser

by puff21

Get this 8-inch glass water pipe in the cute amber color for an exciting session every time you bring it out. 


  • Stemline/Inline Diffuser

  • Bent Neck

  • Fixed Perc

  • 90 Degree

  • 14mm Female Joint

  • 14mm Male Thermal Banger

  • Flat Base

  • 8" Height


This concentrate rig is one of Tsunami's new stemline productions aiming to make dabbing easy and smooth. It features slits that face downwards, allowing for smooth filtration and solid bubble chop. It has a colored bulb at the top to act as a splash guard. This ensures that water remains down in the rig. It also comes with a thermal banger. This inline rig tree water pipe is also such a beauty to behold. The design is compact and ultra-filtering. The slitted inline diffuser leads to an inside bubble chamber that lets you see the smoke swirling into the 8-arm tree percolator. It also infuses the puffs with bubbles, giving a cooling sensation with extra smooth hits. Its wide base enhances stability, and the straight angle makes it easy to smoke. This is made better with the comfortably rimmed mouthpiece.

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