Perfect MK100 Flat Quartz Banger

by puff21

This is the perfect banger for anyone who wants to enjoy their dabbing experience. The quartz material can withstand temperatures, allowing you to get the best flavors.


  • It is a one Piece - No weld Banger

  • Has a frosted Joint

  • Comes with a 25mm Dish

  • It has a flat Top

  • 90 Degree

  • It is 99.99% Quartz


The 25mm MK100 Flat V2 Quartz Banger is a no weld banger with a frosted joint. Its dish is 25mm wide and flat. The fact that the quartz is almost 100% means that it delivers excellent temperature control and guarantees maximum flavors. In addition, the flat top makes it one of the best quartz banger designs that offer optimal functionality and temperature control for the best experience.

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