MK100 Sensational Valentine Special Crush Kit

by puff21

This kit will get you in the mood for something warm and loving. It is definitely worth getting for that time of the year when you want to feel loved. MK100 thought to come up with Valentine's special glass, and this warm heart-shaped recycler does the trick.


  • Inches: 8" Tall

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Premium Banger

  • Colors available: Pink/Blue


The one time you can comfortably hang your heart is when you get the MK100 crush kit. This is a special glass edition meant to celebrate love. So make sure to grab it for that special moment you want to smoke and feel warm and in tune with the season. 

The uniquely shaped recycler comes in a heart-shaped per. You can trust it to serve you long enough because it is durable borosilicate glass. This Love Recycler stands at 8-inches tall and is supported by a thick wide base which is a consolation to those who may fear breaking it. Not even your clumsy better half can break it. It is a beautiful piece that will surely get you lots of looks and compliments each time you pull it out to smoke. The piece also comes in a box set that includes a heart-shaped directional Carb-Cap. Besides that, it also features a No-Weld One Piece 14mm MK100 Male Quartz Banger. You'll notice that the Banger is slightly different from others since it has a beveled top and is 25mm in size, making it mandatory to engineer it to hold the heat longer and support better airflow. 

The crush kit also exhibits tender, translucent colors, making it elegant. It's also more elegant because it comes with a bubble base. As a result, each of the pieces portrays all the qualities of a pure heart.

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