Bake & Sip Water Pipe

by puff21


Our Strio Bake & Sip silicone water bongs tumbler is an all-in-one smoking, dabbing, and sipping solution. This top-of-the-range device has won multiple awards for its unique design. With medical-grade silicone and food-safe plastic, it offers complete discretion when enjoying your favorite smoking materials. It includes attachments to fit 18mm or 14mm glass pieces plus a ceramic bowl which ensures even heat distribution on flower bowls — the perfect accessory for any smoker!

Our Bake & Sip water pipe bongs also include two separate chambers to keep your beverage away from the smoke, so you can enjoy different flavors without mixing them. This versatile tumbler provides an easy, efficient way to enjoy your session while still looking stylish.

Plus, the Bake & Sip silicone water bongs pipe is durable enough to survive any adventure! Whether you’re hitting the beach or hitting the slopes, you can be sure that this clever device will remain by your side for years of use. So don’t miss out on this must-have for smokers on the go – treat yourself to a top-of-the-line tumbler today!

Some Specs:

  • Water bottle bong
  • Size: 86x86x217mm
  • Weight: 290g
  • Bottle level: 600ml
  • Material: medical-grade silicone, food-grade plastic, ceramic bowl
  • Function: smoking, drinking & dabbing

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