Big Chief Live Resin THCA + THCP 3G Disposable Vape

by puff21

Introducing the Big Chief Live Resin THCA + THCP Disposable Vape 3g, made for the big smokers. Each vape is packed with 3 grams of premium live resin THCA, which, when heated, converts at a rate of .87% THC for every 1% THCA, delivering a powerful punch. Enhanced with THCP, known to be 3-5 times stronger than regular THC, this disposable vape promises an intensified and long lasting high. This device basically took two of the strangers compounds found in cannabis and mixed them! 

Designed with convenience and style in mind, this rechargeable vape features a compact, sleek design with a unique wooden top for a sophisticated touch. Its user-friendly interface includes a single button control system: five clicks to turn on/off and two clicks for the preheat function, to get a smooth even hit. 

Stay ahead of the game with the built in viewing window, allowing you to monitor your remaining wax easily. Available in seven strains, including popular choices like Uzumaki and Triple Scoops, each strain offers its own unique terpenes and effect.

Big Chief's Live Resin THCA + THCP Disposable Vape 3g combines potency, quality and good looks all in one. This is no joke, each puff will have you on a different planet that almost feels euphoric. 


  • Honey Guava – Sativa

  • Lemon Berry Z – Hybrid

  • Orange Elixir – Sativa

  • THC Bomb – Indica

  • Triple Scoops – Indica

  • Chief OG - Indica

  • Uzumaki - Hybrid

Product Features:

  • Three Grams

  • Rechargable 

  • Preheat Function

  • Third Party Tested 

Lab Report


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