Big Chief THCA Snow Cone Pre Rolls 5CT.

by puff21

Say hello to one of the most potent THCA pre-rolls you can find, The Big Chief Snow Cones. Each jar comes with five pre-rolls, each weighing .5G, totaling 2.5 grams per jar! Rolled with top shelf premium hemp derived cannabis and coated with THCA diamonds for an extra kick in potency, these pre rolls offer a fantastic flavor.

Despite being only .5G, the diamonds significantly slow down the burning, so each pre-roll lasts longer than you’d expect. One might be enough to get you high, but if not, you’ve got four more! For a more discreet option, check out the Big Chief THCA disposable vape, available in 3G, on our website.

All Big Chief Snow Cones are third party tested to ensure the highest quality. Perfect for the chiefer who needs an extra kick to feel anything, with six different strains you’re going to love!


  • Green Apple Slush (Hybrid)

  • Mango Freeze Pop (Indica)

  • Passion Fruit Sorbet (Sativa)

  • Orange Creamsicle (Sativa)

  • Strawberry Cake Pop (Sativa)

  • Uzumaki (Hybrid)

Product Features: 

  • Five .5G Pre Rolls Pre Jar

  • 2.5G Total

  • Diamond Coated

  • Made In USA

Lab Report

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